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February 14, 2013 at 2:18 am

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And the Rain Came Down at AppState

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I taught my Intro to Sociology class in the Spring Semester of 2012 like I usually do.  The course unfolded similar to others until I was called to a meeting with three administrators who informed me that I created a hostile environment toward athletes.  This based on one athlete’s complaint that she felt unsafe to attend my class because I taught about racism and sexism in collegiate sports.  About ten days went by, and during spring break, another administrator called me into his office and suspended me — citing the original complaint of hostility and two additional complaints about the content of a movie I showed in class the previous week.  This being a movie that I checked out from the university library with a disclaimer at the beginning of it.  Much came out of all of this.  And many people want to see the documentation on all of it.  Here it is.  My syllabus and other material for the course can be found on the right side of this website, as can my CV (academic resume).

Allegations against me by university:  page 1, page 2, page 3

My request for more time to address the allegations and my request for a due process hearing: memo_provost_march

University response to above request (granted more time, denied due process hearing): jp_march21

National AAUP letter of sanction against university:  DOC_20120411123814

My Response to Allegations:  Response from Dr. Price 4-3-12 (00124391)

Support letter from Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology: will_Price Letter-1

Support letter from Sociologists for Women in Society: swsletter signed

Support letter from Sociologists without Borders: SSFletter to Provost Gonzalez

Support letter from American Sociological Association: DOCS-#72380-v1-Appalachian_State_University_re__Jamie_Price

Support letter from the NC State Employees Association: SEANC_Endorsement_ASA

Petition Calling for my Reinstatement (signed by over 450 people): Dear_Provost

Counterpunch, April 19, 2012: The  Shocking Suspension of Dr. Price

Chronicle of Higher Education, April 20, 2012: Professor Placed on Leave After Showing Film on Pornography

ASU AAUP Email to Provost:   ASU_AAUP

Inside Higher Education, April 23, 2012:  When Can Faculty Show Porn?

AAUP Academe, April 23, 2012: Troubling Developments at Appalachian State

Huffington Post, April 23, 2012: Sex and the Syllabus: The Paradox of Undergraduate Sexuality

Winston-Salem Journal, April 24, 2012: ASU Professor suspended after Showing Film on Porn Business,Expressing Views on Athletes, Racism   **I think this is the best coverage of the situation**

Watauga Democrat, April 24, 2012: ASU Professor Decries University Action

Go Blue Ridge, April 24, 2012: ASU Faculty Report Sides with Professor

Jezebel, April 24, 2012: Professor Placed on Leave After Showing Porn Critique in Class

United Press, April 25, 2012: Professor in Trouble for Porn Documentary

Inside Higher Education, April 25, 2012: Sociologists Rally for Suspended Appalachian State Prof

The Appalachian Online, April 25, 2012: Professor Placed on Administrative Leave

Watauga Democrat, April 25, 2012: ASU Professor Present 364-Signature Petition

Daily Mail (UK), April 25, 2012:  I Threatened Those that are Truly in Power

NYC Daily News, April 25, 2012: NC Professor Fights School Over Charges Racism, Porn

SOC TV Charlotte, April 25, 2012: ASU Professor Suspended after Students Say She Showed Controversial Film

CBS TV Charlotte, April 26, 2012: University Professor Suspended for Showing Porn Film

ASU Administration Plan to Close Case — Professional Development, April 30:  asu_4_30_12_singledoc

The above document refers to three attachments.  Two are above (allegations against me by the university, and university response to my request for a due process hearing). The third is a nine page letter I received several years ago from the Dean of Arts and Sciences, reprimanding me for seeking assistance throughout the university for bullying and harassment over the previous four years.  I post this letter and my response below.

Dean of Arts and Sciences Letter to me (attachment 3 in Letter above): dean2008_letter1, dean2008_letter2, dean2008_letter3, dean2008_letter4, dean2008_letter5, dean2008_letter6, dean2008_letter7, dean2008_letter8, dean2008_letter9

My response to Dean’s Letter in 2009:  letter_dean_Jan09_jp_final

Here is background information to help make sense of the above ASU Plan to Close Case and the Attachments:

My student teaching evaluations over the last five years:  Teaching_Evaluations

My peer evals of teaching: Peer Reviews

Chancellor’s Memo Changing App State Policy on Access to Personnel Records in 5 year post tenure review: Chancellor_Memo_on_PTR_&_Personnel_File

My Five Year Post Tenure Review Documents: price_5yrposttenure_REPORT    and Jammie Price_narrative_5yrsposttenure

My Colleagues Review of My Productivity over last 5 years: PTR

My Response to their Review:  Response to Report of the Post

Chair’s Annual Evaluations of my Productivity:

Faculty Review 0607

Faculty Review 0708, I did not sign this evaluation because of content about students that I was not made aware of earlier.

Faculty Review 0809,  I responded to this review:  Faculty Review 0809 Response

Faculty Review 0910

Faculty Review 1011

Back to Chronology of Events

ASU never released the methodologies used in the investigative study.  They did give me the investigative report, conducted by a university attorney.  They told me I am not to release it to the public. I find serious methodological flaws with the study.   The administration clearly draws on this report nearly exclusively to make their decisions regarding my employment.  I ask that the entire investigative report and the methodologies used be released to the public, with individual names changed to maintain confidentiality.

My attorney_Response to 4-30 letter (00127318)-2

FIRE letter and university response

Winston-Salem Journal, April 30, 2012: Probe a Sham, Professor Says 

Watauga Democrat, April 30, 2012: ASU Professor Keeps Job; Santions Imposed 

The Appalachian Online, May 1, 2012: Conditions for Price’s Return would Span Two Years

High Country Press Coverage May 1, 2012: Professor Keeps Job, Must Comply with Conditions

Fox 8 TV Greensboro, May 1, 2012:  Students Rally for ASU Professor Suspended for Showing Film

Charlotte and Raleigh News and Observer, May 4, 2012: Appalachian Torn over Sex Assault and Free Speech

The Appalachian OnLine, May 8, 2012: Letter from Chyng Sun, Filmmaker, The Price of Pleasure

University Threats Charges of Retaliation and Defamation:   ASUcounsel 5-15-12 (00127222),   dean_may15_price

ASU AAUP Letter 2 to Provost

Provost Response to ASU AAUP 5-21-12

I immediately asked for Due Process when this incident started, on March 18th.  I asked again – five times.  I was repeatedly denied.  I was eventually told that I did not have the right to due process, only a grievance process.  Which meant that I did not have the right to legal representation during the entire grievance process and that last authority on the matter would be the Board of Trustees for the University, not the Board of Governors for the entire UNC system and the Governor.  As you will see, these policies impacted me and my case greatly.  It took until June 13 for the administration to allow me to submit a  petition of a grievance against the Provost, the Associate Provost and the Director of Compliance (who conducted the investigation). And then they denied me the right to grieve against the Director of Compliance on the grounds that she was not a “decision maker.”

My June 13 Petition for Grievance:  Price4_FGHC Petition Letter for June 13

FDPC_Report_Spring2012 (they wrote a report on their attempts to hear my case).

Chancellor Rejection of FDPC Report, May 2012: Chancellor Response to FDPC-2

My letter of appeal to the Board of Trustees after Chancellor’s Rejects FDPC Report: appealBoard of Trustees

Faculty Grievance Committee Report of Hearings, October 23, 2012: FGHC_Report_Price

Problems with the Hearing:   equity of the grievance hearing1equity_grievance_hearing2,

Chancellor rejects Grievance Committee Findings, November 21, 2012: chancellor_reject_grievance_report

My Response to Chancellor Rejection, November 25, 2012:jp_Response_Peacock_nov_2012

Faculty Grievance Committee Response to Rejection, fghc_response to chancellor-1

Chancellor 10 page letter clarifying rules and rejection, Dec 7, 2012: chancellor_Letter12712

Faculty Grievance Committee Response to Clarified Rejection, FGHC_response2

My Letter of Appeal to the Board of Trustees of Appalachian State, Dec 22, 2012:   price_letter to bot4

In order to teach in the Fall 2012 semester, I complied with almost all aspects of the Provost’s professional development plan: response_provost_aug14

External Responses to Faculty Grievance Committee Report and Chancellor’s Rejection of Grievance Committee’s Findings:

Sexuality and Society, June 22, 2012: The Price(s) of Pleasure in the Classroom: The Appalachian State Controversy’s Relevance to Sex Workers

Watauga Democrat, September 11, 2012: Faculty Fearful, Wary at ASU

Watauga Democrat, October 23, 2012:  Committee Rules on Professor at ASU

High Country Press, October 24, 2012: ASU Faculty Grievance Committee Sides with Jammie Price

Inside Higher Education, November 26, 2012: Punished for Discomfort in Class

Chronicle:  Chancellor Defends Discipline of Prof Who Showed Film on Porn

News and Observer:  ASU Faculty, administrators clash over outspoken professor

The Daily Tarheel: ASU Professor Contests In-Class Speech Sanctions 

Fire:  A Top Case

Watauga Democrat, November 28, 2012: Chancellor Says Professor’s Freedom Not Violated

Watauga Democrat, December 14, 2012: Ethics Violation

Go Blue Ridge:  Policy Violation Hotline Set for App State

Transformations, Spring 2013, Gail Dines: The “Price” of Counter-Hegemonic Pedagogy: The Case of Dr. Jammie Price and The Price of Pleasure

Gawkers:  Appalachian State University Students Are Precious Flowers Who Must be Protected from Unkind Words and Porn

Social Scientists; An Open Letter from Corey Dolgon: We should stand with JammieM

Carolina Public Press, January 4, 2013: ASU Creates Ombudsman Position after Professor’s Teaching Methods Questioned

Chancellor FinalFinalDecision_to Reject Faculty Grievance Committee

Price final_appeal_letter

Carolina Public Press, February 12, 2013: Concerned about Academic Freedom, ASU Professor’s Make Classroom Changes

UNC Faculty Assembly (the faculty congress for the entire UNC system) passes a resolution regarding my case, February 2013:  http://www.northcarolina.edu/fa_resolutions/index.php   (Go to Academic year 2012-2013 and Resolution on Academic Freedom and Due Process)

CNN, References my case in coverage of Columbia University physics professor: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2013/02/20/pkg-wcbs-columbia-professor-strips.wcbs

Watauga Democrat, March 7, 2013:  Administrator Reacts to Faculty Survey

The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 15, 2013:  Appalachian State U Responds to Survey Findings of Low Faculty Morale

FIRE letter to Appalachian State University BOT Chair Michael A. Steinback, March 19, 2013

FIRE Supports Appeal

Vote of No Confidence on Provost and Associate Provost  (Watauga Democrat March 2013)

Votes of No confidence at Appalachian State (Ticker at Chronicle of Higher Education, March 27, 2013)

BOT appeal denial

Chancellor and BOT Support Provost (Watauga Democrat, March 29, 2013)

Shut up and Pay (expose of date rape at App State) by David Forbes

Shut up and Pay picked up at Huffington Post, April 11, 2013

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